AN 787: Intel® Stratix® 10 Thermal Modeling and Management with the Early Power Estimator

ID 683083
Date 7/16/2021

1.13.4. TSD offset Assessment for the Example

As indicated previously the temperature sensors are not always in the exact position of the hot spots on the transceivers and depending on the transceiver placement, the EPE calculates the offset value which needs to be added to the field reading.

The transceiver TSDs in the first example should report the following values:

TSD_HSSI_2_0 = 85.5 °C

TSD_HSSI_0_0 = 85.5 °C

TSD_HSSI_2_1 = 81.2 °C

TSD_HSSI_0_1 = 80 °C

Adding the offset values to these numbers provide the actual temperatures shown below:

TJ _HSSI_2_0= 85.5+8 = 93.8 °C

TJ _HSSI_0_0= 85.5+5 = 90.5 °C

TJ _HSSI_2_1=81.2+7 = 88.2 °C

TJ _HSSI_0_1=80+10 = 90 °C

Note: The TSDs have an accuracy of ±5 °C; therefore, the reported temperature can be off by 5 °C. In order not to exceed the operating temperature, Intel recommends building a 5 °C margin to the thermal design.

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