AN 787: Intel® Stratix® 10 Thermal Modeling and Management with the Early Power Estimator

ID 683083
Date 7/16/2021

1.3. Intel® Stratix® 10 Early Power Estimator Tool (EPE)

The Early Power Estimator (EPE) is a tool that estimates the power consumption of an FPGA device early in the design process. It allows you to enter and select the relevant information for a specific FPGA design and obtain the power and the relevant thermal design information for electrical and thermal design purposes. The data provided to the EPE is divided in two categories, general and thermal. Both inputs affect the overall power dissipation of each die and the thermal characteristic of the package to be used for system thermal modeling. Below are the necessary inputs provided to the EPE.

  • General information
    • FPGA package size
    • FPGA core fabric size and grade
    • Transceiver type, protocol, grade and placement per transceiver die
    • Utilization of FPGA hardware blocks
    • Clock rates, toggle rates and frequencies
    • HBM specification
  • Thermal information
    • Ambient air temperature (TA) of the design
    • Maximum allowable junction temperature (TJ-MAX) of any die in the FPGA, at the provided TA
    • Recommended power margin application

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