Intel® Advisor User Guide

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Date 3/31/2023

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Error Message: No Data Is Collected


When you open a report, the following error message appears: Error 0x40000024 (No data) – No data is collected.

Another possible message: Error 0x4000002a (Database interface error) -- Cannot run data transformation 'Add Fake Loop Data'.


The possible causes are:

  • The data collection period is too short (less than 500 ms on CPU or GPU), and the Intel® Advisor cannot capture performance data since it uses time sampling to collect CPU or GPU time.

  • The application crashed during an Intel Advisor analysis.

  • The application could not find required shared libraries, for example, an OpenMP* runtime, if compiler environment was not sourced.

Possible Solution

Do one of the following:

  • Verify that you can run your application without the Intel Advisor.

    1. Open a new console window. You can keep the console window where you launch the Intel Advisor.

    2. Run the application from a new console window with the same environment set up.

    3. If you see an error message reporting problem with loading shared libraries, set up the application environment. For example, do the following:

      • Set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable.

      • Source an Intel® Compiler environment.

    4. Once the application runs successfully, start the Intel Advisor console window with the same environment set up.

  • If the data collection duration is too short, do one of the following:

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