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Date 3/31/2023

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Error Message: Cannot Collect GPU Hardware Metrics for the Selected GPU Adapter


When you run GPU Roofline, the following error message appears: Cannot collect GPU hardware metrics for the selected GPU adapter.


To collect GPU hardware metrics and GPU utilization data on Linux* OS or Windows* OS with a driver versions higher than, Intel® Advisor uses the Intel® Metric Discovery API library that is delivered with the product. This error message displays if Intel Advisor cannot access the selected GPU adapter.

Possible Solution

  • If you run Intel Advisor from the command line: Make sure that you have correctly set the target GPU with the --target-gpu=<address>. The <address> should be in the following format: <domain>:<bus>:<device>.<function>. The list of GPU adapters available on your system is available in the option description in the Intel Advisor CLI help.

    For example, to run the Survey analysis for the GPU adapter 0:0:2:0:

    advisor --collect=survey  --project-dir=./advi_results --profile-gpu --target-gpu=0:0:2.0 -- ./myApplication
  • For Windows systems, update the driver for the selected GPU adapters.

  • For Linux systems, install the Intel Metric Discovery API library 1.6.0 or higher to support the selection of video adapters. To collect metrics from the video card of your choice, disable other adapters in the BIOS first.

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