Intel® Advisor User Guide

ID 766448
Date 3/31/2023

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Use the same local size and SIMD width as measured on a baseline device.





Off (no-enforce-baseline-decomposition)

Actions Modified

collect=projection --profile-gpu


This option is applicable only to the GPU-to-GPU performance modeling workflow.

When used with the Performance Modeling (collect=projection) as part of the GPU Roofline Insights perspective for an application executed on a GPU, your application performance is modeled for a baseline GPU device as a target. The estimated performance is compared with the actual application performance to add more recommendations for performance optimization.

This option is recommended to be used with the model-baseline-gpu option.


Run the GPU-to-GPU Performance Modeling for the baseline GPU using the same local size and SIMD width as on the baseline device.

advisor --collect=projection --profile-gpu --model-baseline-gpu --enforce-baseline-decomposition --project-dir=./advi_results -- ./myApplication

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