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ID 766448
Date 3/31/2023

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Missing End Task

Occurs when a task-begin annotation is executed but the corresponding task-end annotation is not executed before the site, thread, or application exits.

Problem type: Missing end task


Code Location



Task start

Represents the location and associated call stack when the task began execution.


Parallel site

If present, represents the location and associated call stack of the beginning of the parallel site that contained the task.


void main()

This example lacks an end-task annotation, ANNOTATE_TASK_END().


An error also occurs if your code branches around a single ANNOTATE_TASK_END() annotation.

Possible Correction Strategies

Always execute an ANNOTATE_TASK_BEGIN(taskname) annotation before executing an ANNOTATE_SITE_END() annotation. This omission can be caused by throw exceptions, return, break, continue, and goto statements or keywords. All control flow paths out of a site need to use the ANNOTATE_TASK_END() annotations.