Intel® Advisor User Guide

ID 766448
Date 3/31/2023

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Vectorization Report Overview

Review the controls available in the main report of the Vectorization and Code Insights perspective of the Intel® Advisor.

There are many controls available to help you focus on the data most important to you, including the following:


Click the control to save a read-only result snapshot you can view any time.

Intel Advisor stores only the most recent analysis result. Visually comparing one or more snapshots to each other or to the most recent analysis result can be an effective way to judge performance improvement progress.

To open a snapshot, choose File > Open > Result...


Click the various Filter controls to temporarily limit displayed data based on your criteria.


Click the control to view loops in non-executed code paths for various instruction set architectures (ISAs). Prerequisites:

  • Compile the target application for multiple code paths using the Intel compiler.

  • Enable the Analyze loops in not executed code path checkbox in Project Properties > Analysis Target > Survey Hotspots Analysis.


This toggle control currently combines two features: The