AN 978: Nios® V Processor Migration Guidelines

ID 773196
Date 5/15/2024
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6. Document Revision History for AN 978: Nios® V Processor Migration Guidelines

Document Version Changes
  • Added notes in Software Component to refer to Intel HAL Settings to migrate BSP settings.
  • Edited IP Parameter Configuration.
    • Updated the IP Parameter Editor figures.
    • Updated the IP Parameter Editor Comparison table.
  • Edited Interrupt, Data and Instruction Cache, and Tightly Coupled Memory topics.
  • Removed Atomic Extn from the following tables:
    • Core Architecture Comparison to Nios II/e Processor.
    • Core Architecture Comparison to Nios II/f Processor.
  • Edited the topic Software Optimization
    • Updated the Program Size (KB) values for Nios® V processor.
    • Added a link to Nios® V Processor Software Developer Handbook - Reducing Code Footprint in Embedded Systems.
  • Updated the figure for the IP Parameter Editor for Nios® V/c, Nios® V/m, and Nios® V/g processors.
  • Replaced table Supported Nios V Processor Booting Use Cases with the table Supported Flash Memories with Respective Boot Options.
  • Update the TCM in the table TCM Use Cases for Nios® V/g processor.
  • Updated the figure Tightly-Coupled Memory in Nios V/g Processor and the note
  • Updated the following topics for new Nios® V/c processor variant and new Nios® V/g features:
    • Software Optimization
    • Design Migration from Nios II Processor to Nios V Processor for Quartus® Prime Pro Edition and Quartus® Prime Standard Edition
    • Migrating Nios II Processor to Nios V/m Processor
    • Migrating Nios II/f Processor to Nios V/g Processor
    • Timer
  • Added the following new topics:
    • Migrating Nios II/e Processor to Nios V/c Processor
    • Tightly Coupled Memory
    • Error Correction Code
2023.08.22 Updated the Memory Management Unit (MMU) value for Nios® II/f Processor in Core Architecture Comparison Table.
2023.04.14 Initial release.