AN 978: Nios® V Processor Migration Guidelines

ID 773196
Date 12/11/2023
Document Table of Contents

1. Overview

This document describes the guidelines for migrating from the Nios® II processor to the corresponding Nios® V processor core.
Nios® V processor can offer the following benefits:
  • RISC-V architecture, which has a wide ecosystem support in open community, common tooling, and a broad variety of software vendor choices.
  • Robust ISA for 32 bit implementations.
  • A wide range of operating systems. Intel enables the Nios® V processor to support Zephyr*, FreeRTOS*, and MicroC/OS-II Real-Time Operating System (RTOS).
  • Supports standard native tooling, removing the need for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) or Cygwin.
  • Integrated development environment with Ashling* RiscFree* IDE for Intel® FPGAs that supports RISC-V specification and Intel Hard Processor System (HPS) software build, and debug.