AN 978: Nios® V Processor Migration Guidelines

ID 773196
Date 5/15/2024
Document Table of Contents Command-Line Build Flow

Similar with Nios II Software Build Tools, you can create the Nios® V processor software project with Nios V Command Shell and Ashling* RiscFree* IDE for Intel® FPGAs.
Table 12.  CLI Build Flow Comparison
Flow Nios® V Processor Nios® II Processor
Invoke BSP Editor GUI
  • For Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software, use qsys-edit --1=.bsp.
  • For Quartus® Prime Standard Edition software, use niosv-bsp-editor .
  • For Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software, use nios2-bsp-editor or qsys-edit --1=.bsp.
    Note: The BSP Editor is integrated into the Platform Designer.
  • For Quartus® Prime Standard Edition, use nios2-bsp-edit.
    Note: The BSP Editor is not integrated as part of the Platform Designer.
Invoke Command Shell niosv-shell
  • In the Windows operating system, on the Start menu, point to Programs > Intel FPGA > Nios II EDS <version>,and click Nios II <version> Command Shell :.
  • In the Linux operating system, in a command shell, change directories to <Nios II EDS install path>, and type the command
Create a BSP niosv-bsp -c –p=<path to .qpf file> -s=<path to .qsys file> -t=<bsp type> [OPTIONS] settings.bsp nios2-bsp <bsp type> <bsp-dir> [<sopc>] [<override>]
Generate a BSP niosv-bsp –g [OPTIONS] settings.bsp
Update a BSP niosv-bsp –u [OPTIONS] settings.bsp
Examine a BSP niosv-bsp –q –E=<script name> [OPTIONS] settings.bsp nios2-bsp-query-settings --settings settings.bsp
Create an APP niosv-app -b=<bsp directory>-s=<source files directory> [OPTIONS] nios2-app-generate-makefile --bsp-dir <bsp directory> --src-file <source files directory> [<OPTIONS>]
Build an App cmake -B <build directory> -S <app directory> -G “Unix Makefiles”

make –C <build directory>

Download an ELF niosv-download <filename.elf> nios2-download <filename.elf>
Run an ELF niosv-download –g -r nios2-download –g -r
Open JTAG UART Terminal juart-terminal nios2-terminal