Intel® MAX® 10 General Purpose I/O User Guide

ID 683751
Date 1/27/2022

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2.4. I/O Standards Termination

Voltage-referenced and differential I/O standards requires different termination schemes.

According to JEDEC standards, the following I/O standards do not specify a recommended termination scheme:

  • 3.3-V LVTTL
  • 3.0 V LVTTL/3.0 V LVCMOS
  • 2.5 V LVTTL/2.5 V LVCMOS
  • 1.8 V LVTTL/1.8 V LVCMOS
  • 1.5 V LVCMOS
  • 1.2 V LVCMOS
  • 1.0 V LVCMOS
  • 3.0-V PCI