Intel® Stratix® 10 Configuration via Protocol (CvP) Implementation User Guide

ID 683704
Date 11/10/2023
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4.1.1. FPGA Power Supplies Ramp Time Requirement

For an open system, you must ensure that your design adheres to the FPGA power supplies ramp-up time requirement.

The power-on reset (POR) circuitry keeps the FPGA in the reset state until the power supply outputs are in the recommended operating range. A POR event occurs from when you power up the FPGA until the power supplies reach the recommended operating range within the maximum power supply ramp time, tRAMP . If tRAMP is not met, the device I/O pins and programming registers remain tri-stated, during which device configuration could fail.

To meet the PCIe* link up time for CvP, the total tRAMP must be less than 10 ms, from the first power supply ramp-up to the last power supply ramp-up. You must select ASx4 fast mode for MSEL settings to make sure the shortest POR delay.

Figure 5. Power Supplies Ramp-Up Time and POR