Intel® Stratix® 10 GX FPGA Development Kit User Guide

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Date 4/02/2020
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4.8.2. Programming Flash using Quartus Programmer

You can use the Quartus Programmer to program the flash with your Programmer Object File (.pof).

Ensure the following conditions are met before you proceed:
  • The Quartus Programmer and the Intel® FPGA Download Cable II driver are installed on the host computer.
  • The micro-USB cable is connected to the FPGA development board.
  • Power to the board is on, and no other applications that use the JTAG chain are running.
  • The design running in the FPGA does not drive the FM bus.

Execute the steps below to program the Flash

  1. Start the Quartus Programmer.
  2. Click Auto Detect to display the devices in the JTAG chain.
  3. Select the flash attached to the MAX® V and then click Change File and select the path to the desired .pof. If the flash is not detected, configure the FPGA with any configuration image which does not drive the flash signals and then go to step 2, refer to Configuring the FPGA using Quartus Programmer
  4. Turn on the Program/Configure option for the added file.
  5. Click Start to program the selected file to flash. Programming is complete when the progress bar reaches 100%. If flash programming fails, change the TCK frequency to a lower frequency (16 MHz or 6 MHz). Run the command below in the Nios® II command shell. jtag --setparam <cable> JtagClock <frequency><Units>. For example: jtagconfig --setparam 1 JtagClock 16M and then go to Step 4.
Attention: Using the Quartus Programmer to program a device on the board causes other JTAG-based applications such as the Board Test System and the Power Monitor to lose their connection to the board. Restart those applications after programming is complete.