Intel® Stratix® 10 GX FPGA Development Kit User Guide

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Date 4/02/2020
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4.6.3. HiLo External Memory Interface

This section describes the Intel® Stratix® 10 GX FPGA development board's external memory interface support and also their signal names, types and connectivity relative to the Intel® Stratix® 10 GX FPGA.
The HiLo connector supports plugins for the following memory interfaces:
  • DDR3 x72 (included in the kit)
  • DDR4 x72 (included in the kit)
  • RLDRAM3 x36 (included in the kit)
Table 18.  HiLo EMI Pin Assignments
Board Reference - HiLo Pin Number HiLo Schematic Signal Name FPGA Pin Number I/O Standard
F1 MEM_ADDR_CMD0 K38 Adjustable
H1 MEM_ADDR_CMD1 L37 Adjustable
F2 MEM_ADDR_CMD2 M37 Adjustable
G2 MEM_ADDR_CMD3 M38 Adjustable
H2 MEM_ADDR_CMD4 J39 Adjustable
J2 MEM_ADDR_CMD5 J38 Adjustable
K2 MEM_ADDR_CMD6 K39 Adjustable
G3 MEM_ADDR_CMD7 L39 Adjustable
J3 MEM_ADDR_CMD8 P37 Adjustable
L3 MEM_ADDR_CMD9 R37 Adjustable
E4 MEM_ADDR_CMD10 N37 Adjustable
F4 MEM_ADDR_CMD11 P38 Adjustable
G4 MEM_ADDR_CMD12 P35 Adjustable
H4 MEM_ADDR_CMD13 K36 Adjustable
J4 MEM_ADDR_CMD14 K37 Adjustable
K4 MEM_ADDR_CMD15 N36 Adjustable
M1 MEM_ADDR_CMD16 L36 Adjustable
M2 MEM_ADDR_CMD17 T35 Adjustable
N2 MEM_ADDR_CMD18 R36 Adjustable
L4 MEM_ADDR_CMD19 L35 Adjustable
P5 MEM_ADDR_CMD20 L40 Adjustable
M5 MEM_ADDR_CMD21 K40 Adjustable
P1 MEM_ADDR_CMD22 G38 Adjustable
R4 MEM_ADDR_CMD23 H38 Adjustable
M4 MEM_ADDR_CMD24 G40 Adjustable
R3 MEM_ADDR_CMD25 F40 Adjustable
L2 MEM_ADDR_CMD26 P36 Adjustable
K1 MEM_ADDR_CMD27 E40 Adjustable
P2 MEM_ADDR_CMD28 D40 Adjustable
N4 MEM_ADDR_CMD29 R33 Adjustable
P4 MEM_ADDR_CMD30 J40 Adjustable
N3 MEM_ADDR_CMD31 H40 Adjustable
V2 MEM_CLK_N G39 Adjustable
V1 MEM_CLK_P F39 Adjustable
B10 MEM_DMA0 E27 Adjustable
C4 MEM_DMA1 M27 Adjustable
B17 MEM_DMA2 V30 Adjustable
F17 MEM_DMA3 P25 Adjustable
M16 MEM_DMB0 K32 Adjustable
U16 MEM_DMB1 J33 Adjustable
U11 MEM_DMB2 F37 Adjustable
U6 MEM_DMB3 C36 Adjustable
R6 MEM_DQ_ADDR_CMD0 T31 Adjustable
T1 MEM_DQ_ADDR_CMD1 R34 Adjustable
R2 MEM_DQ_ADDR_CMD2 R31 Adjustable
T2 MEM_DQ_ADDR_CMD3 U33 Adjustable
U2 MEM_DQ_ADDR_CMD4 U34 Adjustable
U3 MEM_DQ_ADDR_CMD5 T34 Adjustable
T4 MEM_DQ_ADDR_CMD6 U32 Adjustable
U4 MEM_DQ_ADDR_CMD7 V32 Adjustable
T5 MEM_DQ_ADDR_CMD8 P33 Adjustable
A4 MEM_DQA0 B27 Adjustable
B4 MEM_DQA1 F27 Adjustable
B5 MEM_DQA2 G27 Adjustable
B6 MEM_DQA3 C27 Adjustable
A8 MEM_DQA4 C26 Adjustable
B8 MEM_DQA5 B25 Adjustable
B9 MEM_DQA6 D26 Adjustable
A10 MEM_DQA7 D25 Adjustable
B1 MEM_DQA8 H27 Adjustable
B2 MEM_DQA9 H26 Adjustable
C2 MEM_DQA10 J25 Adjustable
C3 MEM_DQA11 H25 Adjustable
E3 MEM_DQA12 L27 Adjustable
D4 MEM_DQA13 L26 Adjustable
D1 MEM_DQA14 G25 Adjustable
D2 MEM_DQA15 K27 Adjustable
A12 MEM_DQA16 U29 Adjustable
B12 MEM_DQA17 T30 Adjustable
B13 MEM_DQA18 T29 Adjustable
B14 MEM_DQA19 V26 Adjustable
C15 MEM_DQA20 U30 Adjustable
A16 MEM_DQA21 V25 Adjustable
B16 MEM_DQA22 U28 Adjustable
A18 MEM_DQA23 U27 Adjustable
C16 MEM_DQA24 T25 Adjustable
D16 MEM_DQA25 N27 Adjustable
E16 MEM_DQA26 L25 Adjustable
F16 MEM_DQA27 U25 Adjustable
D17 MEM_DQA28 N26 Adjustable
C18 MEM_DQA29 R26 Adjustable
D18 MEM_DQA30 P26 Adjustable
E18 MEM_DQA31 N25 Adjustable
E2 MEM_DQA32 F25 Adjustable
G16 MEM_DQA33 M25 Adjustable
H16 MEM_DQB0 K34 Adjustable
J16 MEM_DQB1 K33 Adjustable
K16 MEM_DQB2 N33 Adjustable
L16 MEM_DQB3 M33 Adjustable
H17 MEM_DQB4 J34 Adjustable
K17 MEM_DQB5 N32 Adjustable
K18 MEM_DQB6 N31 Adjustable
L18 MEM_DQB7 M34 Adjustable
M17 MEM_DQB8 E34 Adjustable
N18 MEM_DQB9 F34 Adjustable
P17 MEM_DQB10 H35 Adjustable
P18 MEM_DQB11 J35 Adjustable
R18 MEM_DQB12 G35 Adjustable
T16 MEM_DQB13 H36 Adjustable
T17 MEM_DQB14 F35 Adjustable
T18 MEM_DQB15 H33 Adjustable
U15 MEM_DQB16 D34 Adjustable
T14 MEM_DQB17 E38 Adjustable
U14 MEM_DQB18 D38 Adjustable
V14 MEM_DQB19 E37 Adjustable
T13 MEM_DQB20 D35 Adjustable
T12 MEM_DQB21 D39 Adjustable
U12 MEM_DQB22 E39 Adjustable
V12 MEM_DQB23 H37 Adjustable
T10 MEM_DQB24 A37 Adjustable
U10 MEM_DQB25 B38 Adjustable
V10 MEM_DQB26 C38 Adjustable
T9 MEM_DQB27 A38 Adjustable
T8 MEM_DQB28 C37 Adjustable
U8 MEM_DQB29 B37 Adjustable
U7 MEM_DQB30 B35 Adjustable
V6 MEM_DQB31 C35 Adjustable
R16 MEM_DQB32 J36 Adjustable
T6 MEM_DQB33 D36 Adjustable
V5 MEM_DQS_ADDR_CMD_N T32 Adjustable
V4 MEM_DQS_ADDR_CMD_P R32 Adjustable
A7 MEM_DQSA_N0 F26 Adjustable
A3 MEM_DQSA_N1 K26 Adjustable
A15 MEM_DQSA_N2 V27 Adjustable
G18 MEM_DQSA_N3 R27 Adjustable
A6 MEM_DQSA_P0 E26 Adjustable
A2 MEM_DQSA_P1 J26 Adjustable
A14 MEM_DQSA_P2 V28 Adjustable
F18 MEM_DQSA_P3 T26 Adjustable
J18 MEM_DQSB_N0 L31 Adjustable
V18 MEM_DQSB_N1 G34 Adjustable
V17 MEM_DQSB_N2 F36 Adjustable
V9 MEM_DQSB_N3 A35 Adjustable
H18 MEM_DQSB_P0 L32 Adjustable
U18 MEM_DQSB_P1 G33 Adjustable
V16 MEM_DQSB_P2 E36 Adjustable
V8 MEM_DQSB_P3 A36 Adjustable
A11 MEM_QKA_P0 C25 Adjustable
B18 MEM_QKA_P1 T27 Adjustable
M18 MEM_QKB_P0 L34 Adjustable
V13 MEM_QKB_P1 G37 Adjustable

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