Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Design Optimization

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Date 4/01/2024
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7.7. Using the ECO Compilation Flow Revision History

The following revision history applies to this chapter:

Table 45.  Document Revision History
Document Version Quartus® Prime Version Changes
2024.04.01 24.1
  • Applied initial Altera rebranding throughout.
2020.09.28 20.3
  • Revised chapter title to "Using the ECO Compilation Flow."
  • Added descriptions of new unplace_node and delete_node commands.
  • Described new support for placement of flip-flop nodes and exact locations in place_node command topic.
  • Described new support for creation of flip-flop nodes in create_new_node command topic.
  • Updated limitations in "ECO Command Limitations to remove obsolete limitations."
  • Revised wording of introduction.
  • Added report screenshots to "Viewing ECO Compilation Reports" topic.
2020.05.08 20.1
  • Added descriptions of new create_new_node, place_node, and create_wirelut commands.
  • Referenced support for multi-node ECOs in make_connection, remove_connection, and create_wirelut command topics.
  • Referenced Support for ECO connections to Hyper-Registers in the make_connection topic.
  • Described updates to ECO reporting in "Viewing ECO Compilation Reports."
  • Updated limitations in "ECO Command Limitations."
  • Added ECO Command Quick Reference
2019.09.30 19.3.0
  • Added information about tieoff option for make_connection command.
  • Added support for modify_io_slew_rate command.
  • Added support for modify_io_current_strength command.
  • Added support for modify_io_delay_chain command.
  • Added "Viewing ECO Compilation Reports" topic.
  • Added information about num option for modify_lutmask command.
  • Mentioned RTL Viewer for locating node names.
  • Added device support note.
2019.07.01 19.2.0
  • First release of chapter.