Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Design Optimization

ID 683641
Date 4/01/2024
Document Table of Contents Project Handle Properties

The main purpose of Project Handle objects is to configure, launch, and manage a connection to a single project compilation database.

Table 29.  Project Handle Properties
Property Name Property Type Property Description Default Value Read-Only Comments
qpf_path String (must be a valid path to a .qpf file) Project file corresponding to the project and database to open and interface with N/A
project_directory String Directory name of the project file you interface with N/A True Derived from the qpf_path value
project_name String Base name of the project file being interfaced with N/A True Derived from the qpf_path value
revision_name String Revision name to specify N/A If unspecified, Exploration Dashboard assumes that the revision name is the default revision name for the project. This updates when you set the qpf_path property.
connection_status Enum Reflects the state of the communication channel after the launch_connection or disconnect methods complete successfully. CLOSED True Can be one of STARTING, READY, CLOSED, RUNNING, TIMEOUT, or ANY
groups List of Project Group IDs Set of groups to which the project belongs. N/A A project can be in any number of groups. Each group ID present in a project’s groups property corresponds to a group object that is guaranteed to have that project’s ID present in its projects property . Project groups properties are kept consistent with group projects properties).
Note: All projects must be in at least one group. Running sanitize_workspace creates and places all ungrouped projects into a default group.
db_state Enum Indicates whether the project's compilation database is loaded or not Unloaded True Can be one of unloaded or loaded.