Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Design Optimization

ID 683641
Date 4/01/2024
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2.6.5. Filtering in the Schematic View

Filtering allows you to filter out nodes and nets in a netlist to view only the logic elements of interest to you.

You can filter a netlist by selecting hierarchy boxes, nodes, or ports of a node, that are part of the path you want to see. The following filter commands are available:

  • Sources—displays the sources of the selection.
  • Destinations—displays the destinations of the selection.
  • Sources & Destinations—displays the sources and destinations of the selection.
  • Selected Nodes—displays only the selected nodes.
  • Between Selected Nodes—displays nodes and connections in the path between the selected nodes.
  • Bus Index—Displays the sources or destinations for one or more indexes of an output or input bus port.
  • Filtering Options—Displays the Filtering Options dialog box:
    • Stop filtering at register—Turning on this option directs the Netlist Viewer to filter out to the nearest register boundary.
    • Filter across hierarchies—Turning on this option directs the Netlist Viewer to filter across hierarchies.
    • Maximum number of hierarchy levels—Sets the maximum number of hierarchy levels that the schematic view can display.

To filter a netlist, select a hierarchy box, node, port, net, or state node, right-click in the window, point to Filter and click the appropriate filter command. The Netlist Viewer generates a new page showing the netlist that remains after filtering.