Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Design Optimization

ID 683641
Date 4/01/2024
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6.7.1. Creating Logic Lock Assignments with Tcl commands

The Quartus® Prime software supports Tcl commands to create or modify Logic Lock assignments.
Note: Specify node names by using the full hierarchy path to the node.

Create or Modify a Placement Region

You can create the Logic Lock region from the GUI, or add the region directly to the QSF. The QSF entry contains the X/Y coordinates of the vertices and the Placement Region name.

The following assignment creates a new placement region with bounding box coordinates X46 Y36 X65 Y49:

set_instance_assignment -name PLACE_REGION "X46 Y36 X65 Y49" -to <node names> 
  • You can use the same command format to modify an existing assignment.
  • To specify a non-rectangular or disjoint region, use a semicolon (;) as the delimiter between two or more bounding boxes.
  • Assign multiple instances to the same region with multiple PLACE_REGION instance assignments.

Create or Modify a Routing Region

The following assignment creates a routing region with bounding box coordinates X5 Y5 X30 Y30:

set_instance_assignment -name ROUTE_REGION -to <node names> "X5 Y5 X30 Y30"
  • You can use the same command format to modify an existing assignment.
  • All instances with a routing region assignment must have a respective placement region; the routing region must fully contain the placement region.

Specify a Region as Reserved

The following assignment reserves an existing region:

set_instance_assignment -name <instance name> RESERVE_PLACE_REGION -to <node names> ON
  • You can only reserve placement regions.

Specify a Region as Core Only

By default, the Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software includes pins in Logic Lock assignments. To specify a region as core only (that is, periphery logic in the instance that is not constrained), use the following assignment:

set_instance_assignment -name <instance name> CORE_ONLY_PLACE_REGION -to <node names> ON