Intel® Arria® 10 SoC UEFI Boot Loader User Guide

ID 683536
Date 12/15/2017
Document Table of Contents Open a Intel® Quartus® Prime Project

  1. Open a Nios II command shell.
  2. Make a copy of the GHRD into your working directory:
    $ cd /cygdrive/<your_working_directory>
    $ cp -r /cygdrive/c/altera/16.0/embedded/examples/hardware/a10_soc_devkit_ghrd/ .
    $ cd a10_soc_devkit_ghrd
    Figure 4. Copying GHRD to Working Directory
  3. Delete the pre-built output, software handoff, GHRD and boot loader files. These files are regenerated when you re-compile the hardware design.
    $ rm -rf output_files/ software/ hps_isw_handoff/ ghrd_10as066n2/ software/bootloader sd_fat.tar.gz
  4. Launch Intel® Quartus® Prime.
    $quartus &
  5. Open the hardware project in Intel® Quartus® Prime by selecting File > Open Project.
    Figure 5. Open Project File
  6. Browse to the ~a10_soc_devkit_ghrd folder.
  7. Select the ghrd_10as066n2.qpf project file and click Open.
    Figure 6. Open Project File
    Intel® Quartus® Prime loads the project.