Intel® Arria® 10 SoC UEFI Boot Loader User Guide

ID 683536
Date 12/15/2017
Document Table of Contents Generating a Boot Loader DTB File for the 16.1 Release

This task describes how to compile the UEFI device tree source (DTS) into the device tree binary (DTB).

In the command shell, go to the UEFI folder and type the following commands:
$ cd <your_working_directory>/a10_soc_devkit_ghrd/software/uefi_bsp
$ dtc -O dtb -o devicetree.dtb -I dts devicetree.dts
These commands create the devicetree.dtb file in <your_working_directory>/a10_soc_devkit_ghrd/software/uefi_bsp folder.