DisplayPort Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683273
Date 10/16/2023
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6.6.6. Clocked Video Input Interface

The rxN_video_out interface may interface with a clocked video input (CVI). CVI accepts the following video signals with a separate synchronization mode: datavalid, de, h_sync, v_sync, f, locked, and data.

The DisplayPort rxN_video_out interface has the following signals: rxN_vid_valid, rxN_vid_sol, rxN_vid_eol, rxN_vid_sof, rxN_vid_eof, rxN_vid_locked, and rxN_vid_data.

The following table describes how to connect the CVI and DisplayPort sink signals.
Note: This example uses the Intel® Clocked Video Input IP.
Table 55.  Connecting CVI Signals to DisplayPort Sink Stream 0 Signals

CVI Signal

DisplayPort Sink Signal


vid_data rx_vid_data

Video data


Drive high because the video data is not oversampled.



Drive low because the video data is progressive.

vid_locked rx_vid_locked

The core asserts this signal when a stable stream is present.

vid_de rx_vid_valid

Indicates the active picture region of a line.

vid_h_sync rx_vid_eol

The rx_vid_eol signal generates the vid_h_sync pulse by delaying it (by 1 clock cycle) to appear in the horizontal blanking period after the active video ends (rx_vid_valid is deasserted).

vid_v_sync rx_vid_eof

The rx_vid_eof signal generates the vid_v_sync pulse by delaying it (by 1 clock cycle) to appear in the vertical blanking period after the active video ends (rx_vid_valid is deasserted).

Verilog HDL CVI — DisplayPort Sink Example

// CVI V-sync and H-sync are derived from delayed versions of the eol and eof signals

always @ (posedge clk_video) 
	rx_vid_h_sync <= rx_vid_eol; 	
	rx_vid_v_sync <= rx_vid_eof; 

//datavalid is derived from rx_vid_valid and horizontal blanking signal.

always @ (posedge clk_video) 
	if (reset)
		h_blanking <= 1’b0;
		h_blanking <= rx_vid_eol? 1’b1 : 
			      rx_vid_sol? 1’b0 :

assign vid_datavalid = (|rx_vid_valid) | h_blanking;

assign vid_data = rx_vid_data;

assign vid_f = 1’b0;

assign vid_locked = rx_vid_locked;

assign vid_h_sync = rx_vid_h_sync;

assign vid_de = rx_vid_valid;

assign vid_v_sync = rx_vid_v_sync;