Fault Injection Intel® FPGA IP Core User Guide

ID 683254
Date 7/09/2019
Document Table of Contents Specifying Error Types

You can specify various types of errors for injection.
  • Single errors (SE)
  • Double-adjacent errors (DAE)
  • Uncorrectable multi-bit errors (EMBE)

Intel FPGA devices can self-correct single and double-adjacent errors if the scrubbing feature is enabled. Intel FPGA devices cannot correct multi-bit errors. Refer to the chapter on mitigating SEUs for more information about debugging these errors.

You can specify the mixture of faults to inject and the injection time interval. To specify the injection time interval:
  1. In the Fault Injection Debugger, choose Tools > Options.
  2. Drag the red controller to the mix of errors. Alternatively, you can specify the mix numerically.
  3. Specify the Injection interval time.
  4. Click OK.
Figure 12. Specifying the Mixture of SEU Fault Types

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