Fault Injection Intel® FPGA IP Core User Guide

ID 683254
Date 7/09/2019
Document Table of Contents Specifying an Error List From the Command Line

The Targeted Fault Injection feature allows you to specify an error list from the command line, as shown in the following example:

c:\Users\sng> quartus_fid -c 1 - i "@1= svgx.sof#i " -n 2 -user="@1= 0x2274 0x05EF 0x2264 0x0500"


c 1 indicates that the fpga is controlled by the first cable on your computer.

i "@1= svgx.sof#i " indicates that the first device in the chain is loaded with the object file svgx.sof and will be injected with faults.

n 2 indicates that two faults will be injected.

user=”@1= 0x2274 0x05EF 0x2264 0x0500” is a user-specified list of faults to be injected. In this example, device 1 has two faults: at frame 0x2274, bit 0x05EF and at frame 0x2264, bit 0x0500.