Fault Injection Intel® FPGA IP Core User Guide

ID 683254
Date 7/09/2019
Document Table of Contents Advanced Command-Line Options: ASD Regions and Error Type Weighting

You can use the Fault Injection Debugger command-line interface to inject errors into ASD regions and weight the error types.

First, you specify the mix of error types (single bit, double adjacent, and multi-bit uncorrectable) using the --weight <single errors>.<double adjacent errors>.<multi-bit errors> option. For example, for a mix of 50% single errors, 30% double adjacent errors, and 20% multi-bit uncorrectable errors, use the option --weight=50.30.20. Then, to target an ASD region, use the -smh option to include the SMH file and indicate the ASD region to target. For example:

$ quartus_fid --cable=USB-BlasterII --index "@1=svgx.sof#pi" --weight=100.0.0 --smh="@1=svgx.smh#2" --number=30

This example command:
  • Programs the device and injects faults (pi string)
  • Injects 100% single-bit faults (100.0.0)
  • Injects only into ASD_REGION 2 (indicated by the #2)
  • Injects 30 faults