Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Timing Analyzer

ID 683243
Date 10/02/2023

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Document Table of Contents Report Bottlenecks

You can run the Timing Analyzer's Reports > Design Metrics > Report Bottlenecks... command to list all nodes in a design ranked by specified criteria. The equivalent scripting command is report_bottleneck.

The following ranking criteria are pre-defined:

  • num_fpaths—the number of paths that fail timing through a node.
  • num_fanins—the number of fan-in edges from a node.
  • num_fanouts—the number of fan-out edges from a node.
  • num_paths—the number of paths through a node.
  • tns—the total negative slack of all the paths through a node.

When using scripting, you can specify the paths for analysis by passing the result of any get_timing_paths call as the last argument to report_bottleneck. When using the GUI, the Report Bottlenecks dialog box handles this argument automatically. If you specify no paths, report_bottleneck analyzes the worst 1000 setup paths in the design by default.

You can direct the report output to the Tcl console (-stdout), the Timing Analyzer GUI (-panel), or to a combination of console and GUI.

Figure 80. Report Bottlenecks Rated on Number of Failing Paths Through a Node