Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Design Compilation

ID 683236
Date 10/02/2023

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2.8. Full Compilation Flow

Use these steps to run a full compilation of an Intel® Quartus® Prime project. A full compilation includes IP Generation, Analysis & Elaboration, Synthesis, Early Timing Analysis, Fitter, Timing Analyzer, and any optional Compiler modules you enable.
  1. Before running a full compilation, specify any of the following project settings:
    • To specify the target FPGA device or development kit, click Assignments > Device.
    • To specify device and pin options for the target FPGA device, click Assignments > Device > Device and Pin Options.
    • To specify options that affect compilation processing time and netlist preservation, click Assignments > Settings > Compilation Process Settings.
    • To specify the Compiler's high-level optimization strategy, click Assignments > Settings > Compiler Settings. Specify a Balanced strategy, or optimize for Performance, Area, Routability, Power, or Compile Time. The Compiler targets the optimization goal you specify. Compiler Optimization Modes describes these options in detail.

      For projects with a long compilation time, consider running full compilations with temporarily modified compiler optimization strategies without changing the project compiler settings. For details, see Full Compilation Flow with Temporary Optimization Mode.

    • To specify synthesis algorithm and other Advanced Settings for synthesis and fitting, click Assignments > Settings > Compiler Settings. Turn on Enable Intermediate Fitter Snapshots to preserve the planned, placed, routed, and retimed snapshots by default during full compilation.
    • To specify required timing conditions for proper operation of your design, click Tools > Timing Analyzer.
  2. To run full compilation, click Processing > Start Compilation.
    • To save processing time, the Compiler only preserves the planned, placed, routed, and retimed snapshots during full compilation if you turn on Enable Intermediate Fitter Snapshots (Assignments > Settings > Compiler Settings).