External Memory Interfaces Intel® Agilex™ 7 F-Series and I-Series FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683216
Date 4/03/2023

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Document Table of Contents Specific Pin Connection Requirements


You must constrain the PLL reference clock to the address and command sub-bank only.

  • You must constrain the single-ended reference clock to pin index 0 in lane 2.
  • When pin index 0 in lane 2 is used for a single-ended reference clock, you cannot use pin index 1 in lane 2 as a general purpose I/O pin.
  • You must constrain differential reference clocks to pin indices 0 and 1 in lane 2.
  • The sharing of PLL reference clocks across multiple external memory interfaces is permitted; however, pin indices 0 and 1 of Lane 2 of the address and command sub-bank for all slave EMIF interfaces can be used only for supplying reference clocks. Intel recommends that you consider connecting these clocks input pins to a reference clock source to facilitate greater system implementation flexibility.


You must constrain the RZQ pin to pin index 2 in lane 2 of the address and command sub-bank only.
  • Every EMIF instance requires its own dedicated RZQ pin.
  • The sharing of RZQ pins is not permitted.

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