Double Data Rate I/O (ALTDDIO_IN, ALTDDIO_OUT, and ALTDDIO_BIDIR) IP Cores User Guide

ID 683148
Date 6/19/2017
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1.2. ALTDDIO Common Applications

DDR registers capture and/or send data at twice the rate of the clock or data strobe to interface with a memory device or other high-speed interface application in which the data is clocked at both edges of the clock.

The DDR registers interface with DDR SDRAM, DDR2 SDRAM, RLDRAM II, QDR SRAM, and QDRII SRAM memory devices. You can also use the DDR I/O registers as a SERDES bypass mechanism in LVDS applications. This section provides information about the following DDR I/O applications:

  • DDR SDRAM, DDR2 SDRAM, and RLDRAM II memory interfaces
  • QDR SRAM and QDRII SRAM memory interfaces
  • High-speed interface applications