Intel® Acceleration Stack User Guide: Intel FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card N3000

ID 683040
Date 6/14/2021
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B.1.1. Root Entry Hash Programmed

  1. Sign the provided Intel® Arria® 10 image located at /usr/share/opae/n3000/one-time-update/<25G or 10G>/chip_rsu-*-user-rollback-unsigned.bin with valid code signing key and SR root key using the PACSign and name the output file as chip_rsu-*-user-rollback-signed.bin.
  2. Copy the signed Intel® Arria® 10 image to location: /usr/share/opae/n3000/one-time-update/*/
    $ cp chip_rsu-*-user-rollback-signed.bin /usr/share/opae/n3000/\
    one-time-update/<25G or 10G>/
  3. Reflect the signed Intel® Arria® 10 image name in the rollback manifest file:
    $ vim /usr/share/opae/n3000/one-time-update/<25G or 10G>/rollback-*.json
    Change the filename field under flash to reflect the signed bitstream name, for example:
    "flash": [
                "enabled": true,
                "filename": "chip_rsu-8x10G-user-rollback-signed.bin",
                "force": false,
                "secure": true,
                "timeout": "45m",
                "type": "user",
                "version": "0x0021064001020134"
  4. Rollback the Intel® MAX® 10 and Intel® Arria® 10 image to allow upgrade:
    $ sudo super-rsu /usr/share/opae/n3000/one-time-update/<25G or 10G>/\
    rollback-*.json --with-rsu
    $ sudo fpgainfo fme
    Note: The Intel® MAX® 10 build version will be 111.2.13 after performing rollback.
    $ ls -l /sys/class/fpga/intel-fpga-dev.*/intel-fpga-fme.*/\
    This sysfs entry must exist.
  5. Run the One-Time Secure Update (OTSU):
    $ sudo fpgaotsu /usr/share/opae/n3000/one-time-update/<25G or 10G>/\
    otsu-*.json --rsu
    If OTSU fails, run the fpgainfo fme to find out the Intel® MAX® 10 build version and take appropriate action as stated:
    Intel® MAX® 10 Build Version Action
    D.111.2.13 Repeat OTSU
    D.2.0.6 Run command:
    sudo super-rsu /usr/share/opae/n3000/super-rsu/<2x2x25G or 8x10G or 4x25G>/super-rsu-*.json --with-rsu
  6. To verify successful OTSU:
    sudo fpgaotsu /usr/share/opae/n3000/one-time-update/<25G or 10G>/\
    otsu-*.json --verify
    At this point, the Intel® FPGA PAC N3000 will have the following Intel® Arria® 10 image, Intel® MAX® 10 NIOS FW and Intel® MAX® 10 Build versions.
    Configuration User Partition Image Bitstream ID PR interface ID Intel® MAX® 10 NIOS FW Intel® MAX® 10 BUILD
    2x2x25G 4x25G 0x2300110010309 f3c99413-5081-4aad-bced-07eb84a6d0bb D.2.0.19 D.2.0.6
    8x10G 8x10G 0x2300010010309 901dd697-ca79-4b05-b843-8138cefa2846 D.2.0.19 D.2.0.6
    Important: The 2x2x25G or 4x25G Configuration Installer loads the FPGA flash user partition with 4x25G Intel provided factory test image and loads factory partition with 2x2x25G Intel provided factory test image. The 8x10 Configuration Installer loads both the user and factory FPGA flash partitions with 8x10G Intel provided factory test image.
  7. Install the PV 1.1 Patch.

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