Intel® Acceleration Stack User Guide: Intel FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card N3000

ID 683040
Date 6/14/2021
Document Table of Contents

4.2.3. Install the Acceleration Stack for Development

  1. Download, extract, and change permission for the DEV installer:
    $ tar xvzf n3000_ias_1_1_pv_dev_installer.tar.gz
    $ cd n3000_ias_1_1_pv_dev_installer
    $ chmod +x
  2. Run the script:
    $ sudo ./ -y --owner <user[:group]>
    The --owner argument allows you to change the ownership of directories to a given user. Running interactively without the -y option is not supported. For example:
    $ sudo ./ -y --owner john:john
    The installation will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.
    Sample output:
    Running setup
    Beginning installation
    Processing group "OPAE Software"
    Analyzing dependencies...
    Analyzing packages to install...
    error running: ['yum', 'info', 'opae-intel-fpga-driver.x86_64']
    error running: ['yum', 'info', 'opae.admin.noarch']
    error running: ['yum', 'info', 'opae-libs.x86_64']
    error running: ['yum', 'info', 'opae-tools.x86_64']
    error running: ['yum', 'info', 'opae-tools-extra.x86_64']
    error running: ['yum', 'info', 'opae-devel.x86_64']
            Installing OPAE Software packages...
    Processing group "OPAE PACSign"
    Analyzing dependencies...
    Analyzing packages to install...
    error running: ['yum', 'info', 'opae.pac_sign.x86_64']
            Installing OPAE PACSign packages...
    Extracting opae-1.3.6-4.tar.gz
    Extracting pac_n3000_rtl_1.3.6.tar.gz
    Installing main Quartus package:
                    Installing update:
    Source /home/<user>/inteldevstack/bin/ to setup your environment.
    Changing ownership on /home/<user>/inteldevstack
    Installation done

    The message error running: [ 'yum' , …] in the above output is expected and can be ignored.

  3. Add the Intel® Quartus® Prime development tool to the path. This is required for AFU compilation:
    $ source /home/<username>/inteldevstack/bin/
    Adding /home/<username>/inteldevstack/intelFPGA_pro/quartus/bin to PATH
    Adding /home/<username>/inteldevstack/intelFPGA_pro/nios2eds/bin/gnu/H-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/bin to PATH
    Adding /home/<username>/inteldevstack/bin to PATH
  4. Verify Intel® Quartus® Prime installation by bringing up Intel® Quartus® Prime GUI and verifying the version and IP licenses:
    $ quartus
    1. Click Help > About Quartus Prime to verify Intel® Quartus® Prime version:
      Figure 9.  Intel® Quartus® Prime Version
      If patch .01vc is not installed, then verify that ran successfully.
    2. Click Tools > License Setup to verify IP licenses.
      Figure 10. IP Licenses