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How to identify Intel® processor

How to identify Intel socket

How to find compatible motherboards

Installation Manuals for Intel® Boxed Desktop Processors

How to apply thermal interface material

How to install Intel® Boxed Processor

How to install DRAM

How to install fan heatsink (cooler)

Processor installation support based on socket


Troubleshooting tips

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Overheating tips

Memory DRAM troubleshooting

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Warranty information 

Check the warranty status of Intel® Boxed Processor

Warranty guide for Intel® Processors

3-year limited warranty Terms & Conditions 

1-year limited warranty Terms and Conditions 


Information and downloads

Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Overview, Download)

Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool (About, Download)

Intel® Processor Identification Utility (Overview, Download)

Intel® Application Optimization App (OverviewDownload)


Intel® Reverse Logistic Toolkit (OverviewDownload)

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Overclocking information

Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (Intel® XMP) information

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