Using the Intel® Processor Identification Utilities


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Find information on how to use Intel® Processor Identification Utilities.

For current Intel® Processors and technologies

Intel® Processor Identification Utility

Intel® Processor Identification Utility
This utility identifies current Intel® Processors and technologies and enables you to run and save a processor ID report. The utility also features a frequency test to make sure that the processor is working at the tested and rated speed. See processors recommended for this utility.

Download Intel® Processor Identification Utility.

The Intel® Processor Identification Utility video walks you through download and installation and provides an overview of the most common technologies supported by the processor.

For legacy Intel® Processors

Intel® Processor Frequency ID Utility

Intel® Processor Frequency ID Utility

Note Intel Customer Service Agents no longer respond to telephone, chat, community support forum, or e-mail inquiries for self-service products.

This utility is intended for legacy Intel® Processors. See processors recommended for this utility.

Download Intel® Processor Frequency ID Utility.

Visit Intel® Processor Installation Center for integration information on Intel® Processors.  

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