User Guide for Installing Two DRAM Memory Modules in a System


Install & Setup



The instructions below show how install memory (DRAM) in the system with 2 modules.

Follow the steps below:-

1. Identify DRAM Slots

  1. Find the memory slots on the board (fig. 1).
  2. Identify the second and fourth slots from the processor (highlighted in yellow), and open the tabs at the top of each slot.

Identify DRAM Slots

2. Align DRAM Modules

Align the memory modules into the second and the fourth slot from the processor. You will see a notch in the middle of the gold contacts on the memory module. This break is not in the middle of the module. You will need to orient the module so that the break is properly aligned into the notch in the slot (fig. 2 and 3).

Align DRAM Modules 1 Align DRAM Modules 2


3. Install DRAM Modules

Start by pressing down on the middle of the module, then firmly press on to each side of the module until you hear a click (fig. 4).

Install DRAM Modules


This video shows how to install memory (DRAM) in the system with 2 modules.