The Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool Overview, Download, and Documentation


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The Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool or Intel® PDT is a downloadable software that installs in your PC in order to:

  • Verify the functionality of all the cores of Intel® Processor.
  • Check for the brand identification.
  • Verify the processor operating frequency.
  • Test specific processor features.
  • Perform a stress test on the processor.


Download the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool.

How to test Intel® Processor

Once installed, the Intel® PDT starts testing the processor using the default configuration. Two windows might appear to show the test is in progress.

When the Intel® PDT completes, the testing status will display either a PASS or FAIL.

Alternatively, you can open or save the test results file every time after the test run by clicking on file > view results file, file, then, save as to any location you specify.

Configuring test for Intel® PDT
You can configure the tool, by going to tools > config > Edit. You will get a note about the effect of changing Intel® PDT parameters from the default configuration. The results and config become editable. Click start to begin the test.

Pre-set Configuration of Intel® PDT

To run Intel® PDT from preset configuration go to tools > config > preset. You have three preset choices listed below, click Start Test to start any of these tests:

  • Quick Test: Sets all Intel® PDT features to disabled. Run Genuine Intel, Brand String, and Frequency Test.
  • Functional Test: Enables all Intel® PDT features and runs Intel® PDT stress test for minutes. This is the default Intel® PDT setting.
  • Burn-in Test: Enables all Intel® PDT features and runs Intel® PDT stress test for 120 minutes. You may also turn on looping with this Burn-In setting.

CPU Features

Display the Instruction Set Extensions supported in the processor.

Note Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool is supported for Windows.There are no Linux* or macOS* versions of the Intel® PDT.

You can get more details on how to use the utility by clicking on About > Help to view the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool Help Documentation file.


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