Resetting Boxed Intel® Processor Fan Heatsink Push Pins


Install & Setup



This guide applies for all the thermal solutions shipped with Intel® Processors including LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156 and LGA1200.

To reset the processor fan push pins, remove the fan and reinstall it as shown below.

  1. Remove the fan connector from the fan header.
  2. Turn the push pins with a flat bladed screwdriver counterclockwise 90 degrees to release them.
    Step 2
  3. Pull up the push pins.
  4. Remove the fan.
    step 4a
    step 4b
  5. Turn the push pins clockwise 90 degrees to reset them.
    step 5
  6. Reinsert the fan and find the push pins.
    step 6
  7. Press the push pins in the order shown to secure them.
    step 7
  8. Plug the fan connector from the fan header.
    step 8


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