How to Check the Warranty Status of My Intel® Boxed Processor


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To check for the warranty eligibility status of your Intel® Boxed Processor, you will need two numbers to get started.

  • Batch number (also known as FPO)
  • Full serial number (also known as ATPO) or partial serial number (also known as partial ATPO) located on the outside edge of the processor, and it contains the last three to five digits from the full serial number for the processor.

Note that the batch number and the full serial number can also be found on the shipping box. Refer to Where Can I Find Intel® Boxed Processor Numbers for Warranty? for more info.

Follow steps below:-

  1. Go to Warranty Information.
  2. Choose Processor under Product Type.
  3. Enter the Batch Number and the full or partial serial number (ATPO) in their corresponding fields.
  4. Click Check products.
  5. The tool will display the Estimated Warranty Expiration, and the number of the boxed processor.
Note If the result of the search is inconclusive, you may contact Intel customer support and choose Intel® Processors.

See an example:

Warranty Information Tool


Enter information from processor into the tool


The results will display whether the processor is boxed or tray, the number of the processor, and the estimated warranty expiration.

Check warranty status


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