Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector User and Reference Guide

ID 767272
Date 3/31/2023
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STATE <pattern> <filter body>






Defines a filter for any state or function that matches the pattern. Patterns are extended shell patterns: they may contain the wildcard characters *, **, ? and [] to match any number of characters but not the colon, any number of characters including the colon, exactly one character or a list of specific characters. Pattern matching is case insensitive.

The state or function name that the pattern is applied to consists of a class name and the symbol name, separated by a : (colon). Deeper class hierarchies as in Java* or C++ may have several class names, also separated by a colon. The colon is special and not matched by the * or ? wildcard. To match it use **. The body of the filter may specify the logging state with the same options as PCTRACE. On some platforms further options are supported, as described below.

Valid patterns are:

  • MPI:* (all MPI functions)

  • *:*send* (any function that contains "send" inside any class)

  • **:*send* (any function that contains "send", even if the class actually consists of multiple levels; same as **send*)

  • MPI:*send* (only send functions in MPI)