Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector User and Reference Guide

ID 767272
Date 3/31/2023
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Flat Profile

By default, the Flat Profile summarizes all major groups of functions and presents statistics over the processes. The exact contents of these groups depend on the group definitions stored in the trace file or you can define them by yourself. In the file poisson_icomm.single.stf, these are only MPI and Application groups.

Do This: To Do This:
Right-click on Group MPI and select Ungroup MPI from the context menu See the distribution of execution time over the individual MPI routines. For example, see the Ungrouped MPI image.

Right-click on the child of Group MPI and select Regroup MPI from the context menu.

Or go to Function Aggregation (Advanced > Function Aggregation, or the toolbar button) and select Major Function Groups

Regroup the children of MPI
Select the Children of Group All_Processes entry from the combo box at the top of the tab. See the Selecting Profiles per Process image. View the data for the children of each process. The result looks similar to the Showing Children of All_Processes image.
Press the arrows at the side of each process in the Children of Group All_Processes view Expand and collapse the processes of interest

Ungrouped MPI:

Selecting Profiles per Process:

Showing Children of All_Processes: