Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector User and Reference Guide

ID 767272
Date 3/31/2023
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Configuration File Format

General Syntax

The configuration file is a plain ASCII file with the .conf extension containing a number of configuration options with their values, one option per line. Options are evaluated in the order they are listed.

Any line starting with the # character is ignored. Within a line, a whitespace separates fields, and double quotation marks " are used to quote fields containing whitespace. All text is case-insensitive, except for filenames.

Syntax of Parameters

Apart from having numeric or text values, some configuration options may have one of the values below. See description of particular options for their values.

Time Value

Time values are usually specified as a pair of one floating point value and one character that represents the unit: c for microseconds, l for milliseconds, s for seconds, m for minutes, h for hours, d for days and w for weeks. These elementary times are added with a plus sign. For instance, the string 1m+30s refers to one minute and 30 seconds of execution time.

Boolean Value

Boolean values are set to on/true to turn something on and off/false to turn it off. Using only the option name without the on/off argument is the same as on.

Number of Bytes

The amount of bytes can be specified with optional suffices B/KB/MB/GB, which multiply the amount in front of them by 1, 1024, 10242, 10243, respectively. If no suffix is given the number specifies bytes.


Below is an example of a valid configuration file.

# This line will be ignored
LOGFILE-NAME trace.stf