Intel® Trace Analyzer and Collector User and Reference Guide

ID 767272
Date 3/31/2023
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Correctness Checking of MPI Applications

By default, the libVTmc library does not write a tracefile. To perform correctness checking of an MPI application, enable trace collection and link your application with the libVTmc library. Do the following:

Linux* OS

  1. Switch the CHECK-TRACING configuration option to on to enable Intel® Trace Collector to record the correctness checking reports to the tracefile. For example:

    $ export VT_CHECK_TRACING=on
  2. Run your application with the -check_mpi option of mpirun. For example:

    $ mpirun -check_mpi -n 4 ./myApp

Windows* OS

  1. Relink your application with the libVTmc library using the -check_mpi compiler option. For example:

    > mpiicc -check_mpi myApp.c
  2. Run your application with the CHECK-TRACING configuration option enabled. For example:

    > mpiexec -n 4 myApp.exe --itc-args --check-tracing ON --itc-args-end

Use Intel® Trace Analyzer to view correctness checking events.

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