Intel Agilex® 7 F-Series FPGA (Two F-Tiles) Development Kit User Guide

ID 739942
Date 8/07/2023
Document Table of Contents

1.2. Feature Summary

  • Intel Agilex® 7 F-Series (AGFB027) device in 2340A BGA package
    • Quad-core 64-bit Arm Cortex-A53 hard processor (HPS)
    • 0.8 V VID-adjustable VCC core
    • Dual F-tile transceivers supporting 56 Gbps (PAM4) and 32 Gbps (NRZ) data rates
    • 2.69M logic elements (LE)
    • 3.65M adaptive logic modules (ALM)
    • 8.5K digital signal processing (DSP) blocks
  • FPGA configuration
    • Avalon® -ST x16 and active serial (AS) x4 configuration modes support
    • 2 Gb flash for AS x4
    • Dual 2 Gb flash for Avalon® -ST x16
    • JTAG header for device programming
    • Built-in Intel® FPGA Download Cable II for device programming
  • Programmable clock sources
  • Transceiver interfaces
    • PCI Express* ( PCIe* ) x16 interface supporting Gen 4 end-point connected to a PCIe* x16 edge connector (gold edge fingers)
    • 1x QSFP optical module interface connected to F-tile transceiver
    • 1x QSFPDD optical module interface connected to F-tile transceiver
    • 1x PCIe* /CXL interface supporting x4 interface connected to MCIO connector
  • Memory interfaces
    • Two x72 DIMM sockets supporting DDR4-2666 or DDR-T Intel® Optane™ persistent memory module
    • Single x40 DDR4 component interface for HPS processor memory
  • Communication ports
    • JTAG header
    • Micro USB on-board Intel® FPGA Download Cable II
    • System I2C header
  • Buttons, switches, and LEDs
    • CPU reset push button
    • PCIe* reset push button
    • CXL reset push button
    • HPS reset push button
    • Four dedicated user LEDs
    • Board power good LED
    • FPGA configuration done LED
  • Heatsink and fan
    • Air-cooled heatsink assembly
    • Red over-temperature warning LED
  • Power
    • PCIe* input power including required 2x4 auxiliary power connector
    • Blue power-good status LED
    • On/off slide power switch for benchtop operation
    • On-board power and temperature measurement circuitry
  • Mechanical
    • PCIe* standard height form-factor (full height, ¾ length, dual-width)
    • 4.375” x 10.0” board size
    • Two slots height with heatsink/fan assembly
  • Operating environment
    • Maximum ambient temperature of 0-35°C