Multi Channel DMA Intel® FPGA IP for PCI Express* User Guide

ID 683821
Date 7/14/2023

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Document Table of Contents Running Eye Viewer in the F-Tile Debug Toolkit

Steps to run Eye Viewer in the F-Tile debug toolkit:
  1. To run Eye Viewer for a lane, select the lane from the Collection table.
  2. Select the Eye Viewer tab in the channel parameter window of the lane.
  3. Select Eye Height, Eye Width or both options.
  4. Click Start Eye Scan to begin the eye measurement for the selected lane.
  5. The messages window displays information messages to indicate the eye view tool's progress.
  6. Once the eye measurement completes, the eye height and eye width results are displayed.
    Figure 72. Eye Viewer Results

To reduce the repetitive steps to run eye viewer for more than one lanes, select the lanes from the Collection table, right click, select Actions, and select Start Eye Scan. The eye viewer runs for the selected lanes sequentially.

Figure 73. Enable Eye Viewer for multiple lanes