AN 900: Intel® Arria 10 DisplayPort 8K RX-only Design

ID 683799
Date 7/02/2021
Public Auxiliary Channel Traffic Monitor

This debug feature enables you to check the auxiliary channel transaction.
This feature is also a part of the DisplayPort RX-only design example. To display the auxiliary channel transaction on the Nios® II terminal, set the BITEC_AUX_DEBUG flag in the config.h file in the project folder to 1.
#define BITEC_AUX_DEBUG 1 // Set to 1 to enable AUX CH traffic monitoring
Rebuild the Nios II software and download the ELF image into the FPGA.
Note: This design also has the Enable AUX Debug Stream parameter, in the DisplayPort IP parameter editor, turned on to enable the AUX channel traffic monitor feature.

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