AN 900: Intel® Arria 10 DisplayPort 8K RX-only Design

ID 683799
Date 7/02/2021
Public Removing Irrelevant Block in Top Level Example Design a10_dp_demo.v File

Follow the steps below to remove irrelevant blocks in the top level file:
  1. Module a10_dp_demo IO port modifications:
    • Remove Transceiver Data TX outputs - fmca_dp_c2m_p signals.
    • Remove other TX signals (TX CAD, TX HPD and TX Aux signals).
  2. DisplayPort core Qsys system dp_core instantiation modifications:
    • Remove DisplayPort Source Sub-system.
  3. Remove tx_phy_top module instantiation.
  4. Remove a10_reconfig_arbiter module instantiation.
  5. Remove Bitec_clkrec module instantiation.