AN 900: Intel® Arria 10 DisplayPort 8K RX-only Design

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Date 7/02/2021

1.6. Document Revision History for AN 900: Intel® Arria® 10 DisplayPort 8K RX-only Design

Document Version Changes
  • Added Bitec FMC daughter card revision 8 to Hardware and Software Requirements.
  • Added the step to extract the file inCompiling the Design.
  • Edited the step in Regenerating and Downloading ELF File.
  • Pointed Reset Button in Figure: Intel Arria 10 Development Kit Setup.
  • Changed from output to input in Design Debug Features.
  • Added the steps in Creating the RX-only Design.
  • Added subtopic Removing Irrelevant Block in Top Level Example Design a10_dp_demo.v File and Removing Irrelevant Block in Platform Designer in section Removing Irrelevant Blocks.
  • Edited the steps and changed the Figure:Bitec Reconfig and RX Transceiver Block Connection in Making a Direct Connection to the RX Transceiver Block.
2019.12.16 Initial release.