Intel® FPGA SDK for OpenCL™: Intel® Arria® 10 SoC Development Kit Reference Platform Porting Guide

ID 683788
Date 10/08/2019
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3.5.1. Layout of the OpenCL Micro SD Card

The micro SD card that the Arria 10 GSRD uses has three partitions, each containing different parts of the OpenCL™ SD card image.
Table 5.  
Location File Name Description
Partition 1 socfpga_arria10_socdk_sdmmc.dtb The device tree blob that describes the peripherals available to the system. Refer to Compiling the Device Tree Blob for more information.

The full-chip .rbf (Raw Binary file) file generated from Quartus compile. This is different from the PR .rbf file. Refer to Generating Full-Chip Programming File for SD Card Image for more details.

zImage The compressed kernel image. Refer to Recompiling the Linux Kernel for the Intel Arria® 10 SoC Development Kit for more information.
Partition 2 Various rootfs files Partition 2 is a Linux partition that contains the uncompressed root file system (rootfs).

You modify this partition in Creating the SD Card Image.

Partition 3 uboot_w_dtb-mkpimage.bin Partition 3 must be of type a2. The Master Boot Record recognizes the partition and then loads the uboot_w_dtb-mkpimage.bin bootloader from it.
Note: The uboot_w_dtb-mkpimage.bin file is written into the a3 partition.

Generating U-boot and device tree section in Arria 10 GSRD user manual or the Boot Tools User Guide chapter of the Intel SoC FPGA Embedded Design Suite User Guide describes how to create the uboot_w_dtb-mkpimage.bin file and provides information on the relevant tools.