Intel® FPGA SDK for OpenCL™: Intel® Arria® 10 SoC Development Kit Reference Platform Porting Guide

ID 683788
Date 10/08/2019
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1.6. Changes in Intel Arria 10 SoC Development Kit Reference Platform from 17.1.2 to 18.0

Following is a list of what has changed in a10soc Reference Platform from 17.1.2 to 18.0 release:
High-level changes include:
  • Various clean up of import_compile.tcl, pre_flow_pr, post_flow_pr
  • Clean up of old top_synth revision (migrated to new simplified PR flow)
  • Fix for write .sdc, in base_write_sdc.tcl
  • AOC no longer emits .qsys files, it emits just Verilog HDL (kernel_system.v) and injects a .qip file into project. Changes needed:
    • Instantiate module kernel_system from kernel_system.v (in pr_region.v now)
    • If you use add_pipe in board_spec.xml, instantiate pipeline registers in the BSP but within the PR region (see ip/kernel_mem and pr_region.v)
Table 4.  Changes in a10soc Reference Platform from 17.1.2 to 18.0
File Change
base.qar Updated with 18.0 static region.
board_spec.xml Updated version, static region used resources, removed addpipe parameter, which is no longer needed.
top.qpf Removed top_synth revision.
flat.qsf Removal of obsolete assignments.
base.qsf Removed Platform Designer flow.
kernel_system_inst pr_region_inst
top.qsf Simplified PR flow.
opencl_bsp_ip.qsf Removed Platform Designer flow.
top.sdc Removed Platform Designer flow.
import_compile.tcl Removed Platform Designer flow, simplified PR flow.
ip/freeze_wrapper.v Removed Platform Designer flow.
scripts/base_write_sdc.tcl Updated to correct base.sdc ordering.
scripts/post_flow_pr.tcl Updated for fast-compilation
scripts/pre_flow_pr.tcl Updated for fast-compile, removed Platform Designer flow, and cleaned up (moved some functions into OpenCL SDK).
scripts/qar_ip_files.tcl Do not package up opencl_bsp_ip.qsf.
base.qar Updated with 18.0 static region.

Files added:

  • kernel_mem.qsys
  • ip/pr_region.v
  • ip/kernel_mem/kernel_mem_mm_bridge_0.ip
Removed files:
  • top_synth.qsf, which is obsolete because of simplified PR flow.