Arria® 10 SoC Boot User Guide

ID 683735
Date 4/03/2019
Document Table of Contents

1.7.3. Using the Boot ROM and Boot Loader Debug Registers

If the HPS executes the boot loader state, registers maintained by the boot ROM and boot loader have been updated through the boot process. These registers provide useful status and information and can be examined to help determine a possible cause of boot failure.

The registers are available in the sysmgr.romcodegrp of the System Manager. Below are the registers and descriptions:

  • initswstate – The boot loader writes the magic value 0x49535756 to the register prior to jumping to the next valid boot stage. If this value is absent, it indicates the boot loader failed to execute the following boot stage.
  • initswlastld – Contains the index of the last boot loader software image loaded from the boot source device. Up to four boot loader images can be loaded.
  • bootromswstate – Contains the boot ROM state information:
    • Bit[0]: When this bit is set, it indicates there was a failure to load all boot images.
    • Bit[1]: When this bit is set, it indicates the boot loader started or was running (and may have subsequently failed)
    • Bits[11:8] This field indicates the boot flash device:
      • 0x0= NAND
      • 0x1= SD/MMC
      • 0x2= QSPI