Arria® 10 SoC Boot User Guide

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Date 4/03/2019
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1.4.1. Boot Loader Generation and Flow

Generating a boot loader involves several steps to produce a final bootable image.

Each step is dependent on the previous one. Either the associated Intel® Complete Design Suite (ACDS) or SoC EDS tool is used to generate information required for the following dependent steps. See the table below for a list of steps and associated tools:

Table 4.  Boot Loader Generation Stages and Tools
Steps Required Tool
Step 1: Compiling the FPGA Design Quartus® Prime
Step 2: Identifying the hardware hard processor system (HPS) hand-off files Quartus® Prime
Step 3: Generating and building a boot loader source SoC EDS tool chain and BSP Editor
The following figure depicts the complete boot loader generation flow using U-Boot.
Note: A similar flow is available for a UEFI boot loader. Refer to the "Appendix A: Building a UEFI Boot Loader" section.
Figure 19. Arria 10 Boot Loader Generation Flow

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