Parallel Flash Loader Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683698
Date 4/03/2023
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The PFL IP core requires you to allocate space in the flash memory device for option bits. The option bits sector contains information about the start address for each page, the .pof version used for flash programming, and the Page-Valid bits. You must specify the options bits sector address in the flash memory device when converting the .sof files to a .pof and creating a PFL design.
Table 4.  Option Bits Sector FormatOffset address 0x80 stores the .pof version required for programming flash memory. This .pof version applies to all eight pages of the configuration data. The PFL IP core requires the .pof version to perform a successful FPGA configuration process.
Sector Offset Value
0x000x03 Page 0 start address
0x040x07 Page 1 start address
0x080x0B Page 2 start address
0x0C0x0F Page 3 start address
0x100x13 Page 4 start address
0x140x17 Page 5 start address
0x180x1B Page 6 start address
0x1C0x1F Page 7 start address
0x200x7F Reserved
0x80 11 .pof version
0x81–0xFF Reserved

The Intel® Quartus® Prime Convert Programming File tool generates the information for the .pof version when you convert the .sof files to .pof files.

The value for the .pof version generated by the Intel® Quartus® Prime software 0x03. However, if you turn on the enhanced bitstream-compression feature, the value for the .pof version is 0x04.

Do not overwrite any information in the option bits sector to prevent the PFL IP core from malfunctioning, and always store the option bits in unused addresses in the flash memory device.
Figure 11. Implementing Page Mode and Option Bits in the CFI Flash Memory Device
  • The end address depends on the density of the flash memory device. For the address range for devices with different densities, refer Byte Address Range table.
  • You must specify the byte address for the option bits sector.
Figure 12. Page Start Address, End Address, and Page-Valid Bit Stored as Option BitsBits 0 to 12 for the page start address are set to zero and are not stored as option bits. The Page-Valid bits indicate whether each page is successfully programmed. The PFL IP core programs the Page-Valid bits after successfully programming the pages.
Table 5.  Byte Address Range for CFI Flash Memory Devices with Different Densities
CFI Device (Megabit) Address Range
8 0x00000000x00FFFFF
16 0x00000000x01FFFFF
32 0x00000000x03FFFFF
64 0x00000000x07FFFFF
128 0x00000000x0FFFFFF
256 0x00000000x1FFFFFF
512 0x00000000x3FFFFFF
1024 0x00000000x7FFFFFF
11 .pof version occupies only one byte in the option bits sector.